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Caught Inside
Can one woman who dominates in the boardroom and bedroom, allow herself to be submissive to a man in order to get what they both want in the end?

Dinner With A Dead Man
I've gotten myself into some really sticky situations all my life, but this one beats them all.  Who can say they had dinner with a dead man?

Something To Talk About
When trouble strikes, Kia is there.  If disaster is dealt, Kia holds the cards.  If catastrophe is calling, Kia will answer it.  All a girl needs to cope with all of this is her three best friends and maybe a handsome hero. 

Now Why'd You Have To Go And Do A Thing Like That
Hollywood takes in Alabama, but not for long.  Stardom isn't what it's cracked up to be.

She Doesn't Play Well With Others
And she does not.  What she does do is fall in love with a man that was part of the Navy Seal Team Six - Sizzling.

I Can Do Stupid All By Myself
Sometimes when you fall in love you just can't be yourself - Sizzling.

Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side
Single mom with kid could use a break and her once green grass.  Light Romance that comes with laughter.  General Audience.

Settled For The Special
This story will touch your heart, as it tells a lighthearted romance that happens in the midst of aging parental problems that involves Alzheimers.  General Audience.

Third Times A Charm
Sometimes romance can't happy the way you like - it takes more than once/twice to get it right - Sultry.

Lucky Leprechaun
What's a girl got to do to get her luck back - fall in love with the right man and help a leprechaun that owns a flower shop along the way.  General Audience.

Time To Put Your Boots On Girl
Innocent Romance - Sometimes writing a story that leads you there but doesn't tell all is just as much fun to read - use your imagination.  General Audience.

Second Chance At Romance 
One of my first romance novels.  Slightly naughty but easy read.
Dead Men Don't Blink Twice - Again, One of my first romance/mystery novels.  I put some quirky folks, mystery involving banana bread - I was hungry writing this and a really sexy cop that knows how to turn up the heat - Sultry.

Common Sense Doesn't Become Me - Short Story
Some women are born with Common Sense and an intuition that guides them through life unscathed, but not, Amber Jones.  She was born a nice Catholic girl but found her rebellious calamitous way by making one mistake after another without much of a life lesson learned, however, that is all about to change.  Or is it?

This Girl Needs A Break - Short Story
Lights, camera, quiet on the set please, and action.  Jennifer Jones led her young life like some girl's dream of; dance classes, acting classes, private performance teachers.  Where did that get her?  Can this back country mountain town steal her heart or will the next big news story draw her back into the spotlight?

A Long And Lonely Road Home
The road home can be lonely but once Mindy McKinley pulled into town; her heart felt like it was right where she belonged.  With a baby in her belly and a whole lotta 'I've done and grown up' attitude, the last thing this starlet needs is a cowboy in her life to muck it up a bit.

Once star struck, now love struck, Mindy keeps on telling herself that the next kiss will be the last.  How can one handsome cowboy be so perfect at such a time that it would be best not to have a man in her life?

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Contemporary Romance with a kick of Chick Lit.  Walking past the line from thrift store shoes to Jimmy Choos was an easy line to walk over, until Lexi May is flat broke, and dependent on everyone around her.  Nothing like a sexy neighbor, who happens to be her new landlord, to help her get over her heartache until he expects her to woman-up and make the most of her life?  Will she weep in her two hundred pairs of shoes while dancing around her room in her evening designer gowns, or will she take the first step in her kick ass boots to make a life that she can be proud of building by herself?  Money might make it easier but broken heart woos will spur her on.  Come cheer for the brokenhearted as she turns all her glitter into gold.